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Agnese Abrusci
Agnese Abrusci holds a Master in Matter Physics from University of Bari and a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University. After her PhD she was a postdoctoral research fellow at Oxford University. Her main area of expertise is renewable solar energy with a focus on new generation low-cost hybrid photovoltaics. After Oxford she moved into science communication and media production at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia. Currently she is doing a MSc in science media production at Imperial College.
Obtained a Ph.D in biochemistry and conducted research in both academic and industrial institutions. Then founded his own company, ANOZENE ASSOCIATES to undertake writing,editorial and science publishing work.
Claire specialises in writing features on biology and biomedicine. She has a particular interest in developmental biology and genetics.

Having completed her doctorate, she joined New Scientist magazine in 1999 as an intern, where she became first a news reporter and then a features editor. In 2005, she joined Nature as a senior reporter and editor in the journal's News and Features section. She left Nature in 2007 to freelance and now writes for a range of publications.

Claire has won a number of awards for her writing, including an ABSW award for best feature in a specialist periodical in 2003.

In addition to her writing work, Claire runs a company, SciConnect (, which offers training in science communication skills for scientists.
Nada works with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, in Marketing Programs Planning and Monitoring Division, to support the development of multimedia communications strategies and capabilities, and to communicate the impact and reality of science in the region, and globally. She is a Research Fellow with the Center for Fine Art Research (CFAR), Birmingham Institute for Art and Design. Her research is based around ideas of shared values of citizenship, and collaborations in the Arts & Converging Sciences in the Middle East and North Africa.
Helen is the Editor of The Biochemist, the magazine of the Biochemical Society. She has also worked as a senior staff writer for medwireNews, an online medical news website and as a staff reporter for APM Health Europe a pharmaceutical industry-focused newswire. She also writes for other scientific publications such as COSMOS magazine in Australia on a freelance basis.
Peter is a reporter on the science desk at BuzzFeed News in San Francisco. He also teaches data journalism and data visualization at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, and investigative and policy reporting in the Science Writing Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

He got his break in journalism in 1989 as a reporter for Nature in London, fresh from a PhD in animal behaviour. Later he worked as European correspondent for Science, as news editor for New Scientist and as chief news & features editor for Nature. After moving to California in October 2005, he spent eight years New Scientist's San Francisco bureau chief.

Peter is especially interested in investigative and computer-assisted reporting, and is fascinated by data visualisation.
Eva is Outreach Director for F1000Research, an open access post-publication peer-reviewed journal. Prior to this she was Community Manager for the Node - a blog where developmental biologists share news with others in the field - as well as Online Editor for Development. When not connecting scientists at work, Eva connects scientists in her spare time, and is partly responsible for kicking off the first SciBarCamp events (which have now spread to four countries).
Paul Anderson is a British writer specialising in computer science and technology. He has written extensively for a range of education, trade and current affairs publications, including Prospect, and was, until recently, Editor for JISC TechWatch, a technology horizon scanning service for UK universities. In 2012 his book, 'Web 2.0 and Beyond', was published by CRC Press. He was awarded the EPSRC's inaugural Computer Science Writer of the Year prize in 2007.

He blogs at:
Dr Kat Arney joined Cancer Research UK after a spell as a lab researcher. She works on the charity's News & Resources website and Science Update blog, and is a prominent media spokesperson.

She presents and produces the Cancer Research UK podcast, and also helps to present the highly successful Naked Scientists BBC Radio show in her spare time as well as doing other bits of freelance writing.
I am a science writer and communicator, a recovering academic and an ant geek. I write the Curious Meerkat blog and co-founded the Conservation Hackathon Project. I also work in science engagement for the London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership.
Sunny Bains is a scientist, journalist, editor, and Managing Director of Form & Content Media Ltd, a company that delivers specialized technical content to technical organizations. As a writer, her interests range from holographic associative memories and analogue neural networks to nanotech-based sensors and artificial muscles. She is the outgoing editor of The Science Reporter.
Vijay is a passionate seeker of knowledge, particularly in science. Interest in reading about science, and writing practice since school days led him to be a full-time writer, after his PhD. Besides being geeky, Vijay likes to cook, travel, listen to music. Occasional photography puts Vijay back in writing and thinking mode!
Gloria Barnett
BA.Sci, MA.Ed
Author of The World Beneath the Waves.
Conference and After Dinner Speaker
Two series of fully illustrated Science Talks are available:
1. Oceanography - using original underwater film clips to aid understanding)and
2. Exciting Science
Abigail holds a Masters degree in Physics from Durham University and a Science Journalism MA from City University. She has worked in journalism for three years, starting out as an energy reporter at ICIS Heren. She has since written for BBC Focus, New Scientist, EU Horizon, SciencePOD, WIRED and the Daily Mail Online. After working as a staff Science Reporter for the Mail Online for one year, Abigail has recently become a freelance reporter.
Catherine is a professional science writer and editor, specialising in oceanography, Earth science, engineering, technology and policy.

She has experience of leading and implementing science communication strategies for higher education institutes and international science programmes, including the University of Southampton, the UK’s National Oceanography Centre, and the World Climate Research Programme.

Catherine holds an undergraduate degree in Earth Science (University of Oxford), a master’s degree in Oceanography (University of Southampton) and a postgraduate certificate in Practical Science Communication (University of the West of England’s Science Communication Unit).
Mukesh Bhatt covers a range of subjects, with eclectic perspectives, matured over time and through training and research as needed. Specialising in space law, legal frameworks, cultures, migrations and various philosophies, with a background & qualifications in physics, research in polymeric and aerospace materials, scientific translation and languages, he has provided computer-aided learning support for engineering, and edited, compiled and written for engineering and science newsletters, written peer-reviewed publications, and numerous consultancy reports for industry,and organised many conferences, workshops and meetings relevant to the science and engineering communities whilst contributing to student newsletters throughout his extended educational career. He was awarded (London) Citizen of the Year in 2003 for work with mental health, carers and disability support, with extensive personal experience of disability-related issues. Interests include dance and science fiction.
Camille is a digital health and science writer at, the global diabetes community.

She sources, writes and creates original content on a variety of news topics surrounding metabolic regulation and the endocrinology of diabetes.

She covers issues on dietetics, nutrition and genetics, the biology of ageing, digital healthcare, and many other key aspects of metabolic disorders and diabetes management.

Her daily work consists in reframing relevant scientific evidence from medical journals into high-level technical expertise or insights to help people lead better lives.

Her copy invites readers to think critically, use logic to get to the truth, and take an objective look at human health with information based in the current science.
Freelance science writer, editor, web publisher with a healthy interest in biology, science 2.0/3.0 and open innovation. Previously Max could be found in various academic and industrial labs getting his PhD, practicing the science of microbiology and helping non-scientists understand what scientists do. Max is the founder of 24 Media Labs, a company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands providing science communications services to industry and academia. For more information see
Eleanor Bird
Professional science writer, based in Bristol, with a BSc(Hons) in Biochemistry. Currently based at the University of the West of England Science Communication Unit and has previously worked at Research Media, publisher of International Innovation magazine. Freelance work for charities, academic publishers, news sites and pharmaceutical companies.

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