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On May 17th, 1947, a notice appeared in Newspaper World announcing the creation of the Association of British Science Writers. Membership was one guinea, that is £1.05p in new money.

Fifty years later, during the ABSW's Golden Jubilee year, Caroline Richmond and Ursula Laver kindly produced this scrapbook.

The Jubilee Scrapbook is available to download as a 9MB PDF.

The ABSW's members don't just write the news, they sometime make it.This is where we pass on these moments of glory along with pointers to coverage of science writing where the ABSW has had a hand.

If you come across something that deserves a mention, let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Radio 4: More or Less, September 3rd, 2010. ABSW chair Natasha Loder interviewed.

Trial by error: How bad is mainstream science reporting? Can it be improved or has it had its time? Zoë Corbyn. 26.8.10. Times Higher Education.

A life in science rewarded by peers. Ariel (BBC magazine) 27.7.10

ABSW Science Writers' Awards winners announced,, 26.07.10

Science journalism awards return after two-year absence,, 06.07.10

Science and the Media: Securing the Future, Science and the Media Expert Group, 13.1.10. ABSW's contribution to this report can be found here.



Journalist support scheme offered for investigative journalists,, 10.09.09

Embargoes under scrutiny after Sun 'life on Mars' story, Press Gazette, 23.1.09


For full details of the organisational structure of the ABSW and its Memorandam, Articles and Standing Orders see our page: About Us

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Previously all this content was held as a Wiki, which meant that any member could get stuck in to share their wisdom. However, we found that the interface was tricky to use. So, we've pulled all the content out and it is now here for you to enjoy. If you have ideas for new guides or suggestions on currently available guides, just get in contact with us and we'll see what we can do.

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