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The largest gathering of science journalists in the UK, the UK Conference of Science Journalists, is taking place this October and is expected to attract up to 450 delegates.

The full-day event will take place on Tuesday 16th October 2018, with sponsorship from Eurekalert!, an online, global news service operated by the American Association for the Advance of Science.


The venue for the UKCSJ2018 will be the striking new building that houses the Francis Crick Institute, the biggest biomedical research facility in Europe that brings together over 1500 scientists and support staff under one roof.

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To find out more about the UKCSJ18 and read all the latest news visit the ABSW's dedicated UKCSJ website.

Report by Aisling Irwin - ABSW member and EUSJA grant recipient

Earlier this month, courtesy of an EUSJA grant, I zipped over to Berlin to attend the Falling Walls 2017 conference. Though it seems unheard of in Britain, it has prestige elsewhere. Scientific luminaries from around the world jet in to address an audience of high-calibre delegates (who have paid a high-calibre fee to hear them). Mindful of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the speakers predict the next “wall that will fall” as a result of their spectacular progress in subjects ranging from Artificial Intelligence to diagnosis of disease.

This course is now fully booked and will be held on Thursday 19 April 2018

After the success of the ABSW media law course the ABSW is planning an 'Introduction to Podcasting Course' run by ABSW members Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham.

The course will give a basic grounding in how to produce simple but professional-sounding audio podcasts.

The course will be held in London for a full day (weekday) and will cost £80 - £100 (costs will be dependent on the number of individuals attending and the venue used - but the idea is to keep costs as low as possible for ABSW members).

If there is enough interest in the course for this to be cost effective the ABSW will carry out a poll on the most suitable date for all involved.

The course is for ABSW members but you may join the ABSW in order to attend.

If you would like to register your interest please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Further details of the course and course content:

Please join us for this panel discussion on the future of science journalism and its role in creating an open and participatory society, co-organised by SciCom 2017, Irish Science and Technology Journalism Association (ISTJA) and Association of British Science Writers (ABSW). 

The discussion will focus on the role of science journalists in opening up science to the wider public: what works and why, what are the points of tension between science the media, and when do collaboration and dialogue break down and why? The panel discussion will be followed by informal networking amongst the journalists who cover science-related topics.

Time: 10-12h, 6th December 2017
Venue: Ballsbridge Hotel (Breakout room 3), Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge Dublin 4, Ireland

Entry is free to SciCom 2017 delegates, journalists and members of ISTJA or ABSW, but you need to register. To register, please fill in this form.

An appreciation by Mike Kenward

The loss of anyone in the science writing community is always sad, but the messages on Facebook and the ABSW’s emailing list show that Steve Connor’s death from cancer, at the age of just 61, seems to have hit home more than the passing anyone else I can remember. The outpouring of sadness and regret, accompanied by fond, and often amusing, reminiscences shows just how much we all thought of Steve and his work as the scoopmaster general of science journalism.

When asked to write an appreciation of Steve for the ABSW, I quickly concluded that no single account could do him justice. My own part in Steve’s career was essentially peripheral. I may have been his editor, but anyone who knew him would know that Steve had little time for titles and status. You were just a colleague he worked with, and came to when he needed support, and expenses, to pursue the latest scoop.

Steve winning British Science Journalist of the Year 2016, with Seema Kumar of Johnson & Johnson and European Science Writer of the Year 2016 Michele Catanzaro

The ABSW held this panel discussion on Thursday 2 November 2017 in London.

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Truth is in the spotlight -- there’s much debate about how to find it and whether it still carries weight in our society. Media covering UK and US politics have lamented how truth is being sacrificed to misinformation, myth, spin or outright lies. During the US pre-election period, publishers from the Guardian to the New York Times to NPR pushed their fact-checking services. The need to tackle fake news then captured the attention of major social media players like Facebook.


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