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At the UKCSJ18 on Tuesday (16 October), the ABSW and EurekAlert! announced a new five year partnership.

EurekAlert! the online, global news service operated by American Association for the Advancement of Science, is to be the ABSW's 'lead professional development partner' for five years starting from January 2019.  This support will help fund some of the ABSW's professional development events such as the high profile UK Conference of Science Journalists and Science Journalism Summer School.

On the partnership Mico Tatalovic, Chair of the ABSW said: "this is a helpful partnership that will allow the ABSW to plan for its professional development events on a sound financial footing".   Brian Lin, Director, Editorial Content Strategy, EurekAlert! said: "EurekAlert! is delighted to support the ABSW in delivering high-quality and thought-provoking professional development training for science journalists".

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I recently returned from the Falling Walls conference and press trip for Berlin Science Week, made possible through the ABSW and EUSJA. Both the conference itself and the gathering of journalists from all over Europe - and indeed, the world - were well worth my time and, simply, a great reminder of why I love to write about science. 

The trip consisted of a press day on the Wednesday, followed by two days of the Falling Walls conference - in its 10th year, a global multidisciplinary gathering of high level scientists and up and coming innovators. 

For the press day, there were 10 EUSJA journalists (the delegation I was a member of) and 10 Falling Walls Journalism Fellows (journalists from all over the world, who had applied for a similar scheme, directly through the conference). This meant that there were 19 fellow science writers, from Brazil and India, to the US and Russia, to swap stories with and generally get to to know while we toured some of Berlin's science and technology institutes - including the Natural History Museum.

What’s the role of science in informing social and personal choices in an era of ‘alternative facts’? Do emotions and worldviews have a place in our ability to decipher what we see as the truth?

The ABSW held a panel discussion around these issues on September 14th in the city of Hull, as part of this year’s British Science Festival.

It explored how science can respond to the ongoing crisis of ‘truth’ and better inform our lives.

The ABSW has updated its mission and vision, following a strategic review and a large survey of its members. This update aims to clarify who we are for and what we stand for and do. It follows an extensive consultation with members over the past year. 

Our updated mission and vision can now be found in our 'About' section accessible to all from our main menu.  This section also includes a copy of our Memorandum, Articles and Standing Orders, and details of our democratic and decision making processes.

Join the ABSW for Finding truth: is science enough? Part of the British Science Festival in Hull


Friday14 September 2018 15:00 – 16:00
Lecture Theatre 2, Allam Medical Building, University of Hull

Organised by:
Association of British Science Writers
Suitable for: 16+

Science helps us stay informed and make decisions about things like climate change and vaccinations. But in a ‘post-truth’ era of ‘alternative facts’, is scientific ‘fact’ facing its limitations? Join a panel of experts to discuss whether evidence alone is enough, or if emotions and worldviews have a more significant role in our ability to decipher what we see as the truth. 

This event is free and open to the public

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With thanks to Board member Anita Makri for organising this event



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EurekAlert! is the ABSW's professional development partner and supports all ABSW professional development and training events.