Outside the Research Lab Volume 1: Physics in the arts, architecture, and design by Sharon Ann Holgate

Published by Morgan & Claypool as part of IOP Concise Physics, 2017    

This book is a testament to the fact that the physics taught to high school and university students IS used in the real world. It is a fascinating insight into the use of physics and technology in the arts, architecture, and design. Outside the Research Lab is a path to discovering how professionals from different sectors – including sculpture, music, TV sound recording, and shoe design – use physics to help them in their work. Stunning images throughout the book and clear, understandable writing are supplemented by offset detail boxes which take the physics concepts to higher levels.

Outside the Research Lab is both for the general interest reader and students in STEM and arts. Lecturers in university physics, materials science, engineering and other sciences will find this an excellent basis for teaching undergraduate students the range of applications for the physics they are learning. It is also an excellent choice for the one compulsory science class in art curricula. There is a vast range of different areas that require expertise in physics…this first volume of Outside the Research Lab shows a few with great detail provided by professionals doing the work.

Buy the book:  https://www.eurospanbookstore.com/outside-the-research-lab-volume-1.html
Find out more about the author:  http://www.sharonannholgate.com

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