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Systemic: How Racism Is Making Us Ill, Dr Layal Liverpool

Systemic: How Racism Is Making Us Ill

Dr Layal Liverpool

6 June 2024

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

A ground-breaking investigation into how racism corrodes science and medicine – leading to worse treatment for everyone.
We live in a society where:

  • Black and Asian patients in the UK wait nearly a week longer for a cancer diagnosis
  • Indigenous peoples across the world tend to experience a higher risk of cancers
  • Globally, people of colour are not only more likely to die while giving birth, they are also more likely to die while being born – or soon afterwards

In this blistering investigation, science journalist Layal Liverpool unearths the shocking research and the vital solutions to the health threat of racism. Across the world, people belonging to marginalised racial and ethnic groups disproportionately experience poor health outcomes. And when a scientific bias is this pronounced, it results in worse treatment for everyone: making us collectively more ill, holding back medical research and reducing the potential for scientific discoveries.

PR contact: [email protected]

Hey, There's Science In This, Eva Amsen

Hey, There's Science In This

Eva Amsen

28 March 2024

easternblot books

'Hey, There's Science In This' is a collection of essays about unexpected science links to everyday topics. Rubber ducks at sea, a Japanese TV show or food-based paint techniques don't seem to have much to do with science at first glance, but Eva Amsen finds an amusing science story in all of them. In twenty-four short essays she takes an approachable and humorous look at the connection between hot springs and genetics, the psychology behind your study playlist, hiking trail geology and much more. Reading this book will make you look at the world in a different way and is bound to have you say, "hey, there's science in this!"

PR contact: https://evaamsen.com

My Book of the Elements: A Fact-Filled Guide to the Periodic Table Adrian Dingle

My Book of the Elements: A Fact-Filled Guide to the Periodic Table

Adrian Dingle


DK Children

Learn about the elements that make up our world and the science that defines them. 'My Book of the Elements' is a wonderful introduction to the periodic table for children aged 5-7 interested in all things chemistry. Covering all the elements, from the unreactive to the radioactive, as well as key science topics, such as states of matter, this visual book is something that every young science enthusiast will want to own. Eye-catching images are featured alongside friendly illustrations, giving children plenty to take in and enjoy.

Communicating Science Clearly: A Self-Help Guide For Students and Researchers, Sharon Ann Holgate

Communicating Science Clearly: A Self-Help Guide For Students and Researchers

Sharon Ann Holgate


CRC Press

This unique self-help guide equips undergraduates, postgraduate students, and early career researchers within the sciences with transferrable communication skills that they can adapt and refer back to as they progress through their careers. It provides practical guidance on how to best communicate science in a range of different settings. This book facilitates clear and concise communication in both academic scenarios and the workplace. It covers settings ranging from job interviews, through conference presentations, to explaining your research to the general public. It is illustrated with first-hand experiences, top tips, and "dos and don’ts" to demonstrate best practices. It will also be a valuable guide for established academics who would like a refresher or a guide to new avenues of science communication, such as podcasts.

PR contact:  [email protected]

The Brainiac's Book of Robots and AI, Paul Virr

The Brainiac's Book of Robots and AI

Paul Virr


Thames and Hudson

This new addition to the Brainiac series introduces the science and technology of Robots and Artificial Intelligence with a creative approach that makes STEM learning accessible and fun for children aged 7 to 10 years. Humorously written and engagingly illustrated by Harriet Russell, The Brainiac's Book of Robots and AI is packed with fascinating facts and hands-on activities, such as building a robotic hand or a mechanical hopping frog automaton.

PR contact:  [email protected]

How Vaccines Work David Miles

How Vaccines Work

David Miles



Vaccines are a debate, whether we want them to be or not. Now more than ever, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the accusations and arguments that bloom across the news and the internet. With a blend of science and history, 'How Vaccines Work' demystifies the strange and intricate world of vaccines: it explains what a vaccine is, how they are discovered and developed, and what happens when they meet our bodies. With over two decades of experience as an immunologist, David Miles gives expert insight into each vaccine routinely used in Britain, how they have kept us healthy, and why many people have come to worry about possible side effects. Through thrilling storytelling and in-depth exploration of the most common vaccination myths, 'How Vaccines Work' is the perfect guide to understanding all the vaccines we currently receive.

Feeding Animals Is Essential For Global Food Security, Clifford Adams

Feeding Animals Is Essential For Global Food Security

Clifford Adams



The book addresses a very important topic nowadays, that of the ethics, benefits and problems of feeding animals to supply human food. Global human food production is very complex with impacts on the Circular Economy and the Environment but for maximum efficiency feeding animals is essential.

PR contact:  [email protected]

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