We are delighted to confirm the shortlists in this year's ABSW Awards: many congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted and huge thanks to all the category judges who have worked so hard over the past six weeks to produce these shortlists from nearly 300 submissions across 14 categories.

This year's Awards Ceremony will take place online on the evening of Thursday 08 July - more detail to follow later this month.

Editor of the Year

Ben DEIGHTON, SciDev.Net


Nigel PRAITIES, the Pharmaceutical Journal

British Science Journalist of the Year 


Clive COOKSON, Financial Times

Nicola DAVIS, The Guardian

Special mention: Chrissie Giles, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Feature of the Year - general audience

Natalie HEALEY, Extreme cold is bringing humans back from the brink of death, freelance for WIRED UK

Amit KATWALA, Inside big tech’s high-stakes race for quantum supremacy, WIRED UK

Alice KLEIN, Rethinking Miscarriage, New Scientist

Jane QIU, Chasing Plagues, freelance for Scentific American

Feature of the Year - specialist audience

Elizabeth GIBNEY, How a small Arab nation built a Mars mission from scratch in six years, Nature

David ROBSON, Vaccinating against viruses of the mind, freelance for The Psychologist

Angela SAINI, Stereotype threat, freelance for The Lancet

Newcomer of the Year

Catarina CARRAO, freelance

Layal LIVERPOOL, freelance/New Scientist

Sabrina WEISS, Wired UK (now Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

News Analysis or Explanatory Reporting of the Year

Juanita BAWAGAN, Covid-19: Why are so many BAME patients dying?, freelance for BBC Science Focus

Graham LAWTON, Science in crisis, New Scientist

Debora MacKENZIE, What happens next? freelance for New Scientist

Tom WHIPPLE, Safe to send children back? The Times

News Item of the Year

Graham LAWTON, The hope of immunity, New Scientist

Heidi LEDFORD, Coronavirus shuts down trials of drugs for multiple other diseases, Nature

Joe PINKSTONE, Kawasaki-like disease affecting children IS caused by the coronavirus and can only be diagnosed by antibody tests, scientists confirm, MailOnline

NUJ Stephen White Award for communication and reporting of science in a non science context

Slavea CHANKOVA, Flattening the curve, The Economist

Rohin FRANCIS, Doctor gives six reasons to be optimistic about coronavirus, YouTube

Sue MITCHELL with Richard HANNAFORD, Winifred ROBINSON and John WRIGHT, The NHS Front Line, BBC Radio 4 

Opinion Piece or Editorial of the Year

Kamran ABBASI, Covid-19: politicisation, “corruption,” and suppression of science, The BMJ

Anjana AHUJA, Would it be better to divert early booster shots to the unprotected? freelance for the Financial Times

Edward CARR, Going global, The Economist

Research Policy or Funding Story of the Year

Maria DELANEY, On social welfare, unable to buy a house: The reality facing Ireland's academics, Noteworthy.ie

Helen SHEN, Meet this super-spotter of duplicated images in science papers, freelance for Nature

Richard VAN NOORDEN, The ethical questions that haunt facial-recognition research, Nature

Royal Society Audio Award

Philip BALL with Alex MANSFIELD, Led by the science?, BBC Radio 4

Jason HOSKEN with Natasha LODER , Rosalind Franklin - her discoveries are more relevant than ever, The Economist

Dimitri HOUTART with Anne-Marie BULLOCK and Tom HEAP, Costing the Earth: The Great Leaky Loo Scandal, BBC Radio 4

Andrew LUCK-BAKER with Kevin FONG and Rami TZABAR, 13 Minutes to the Moon Season 2 - Death of the Odyssey 2, BBC World Service

Special mention: Sue NELSON with Richard HOLLINGHAM, Window on the universe, BBC World Service

Steve Connor Award for Investigative Journalism

BARNES Hannah and COHEN Deborah, The Tavistock's Gender Identity Development Service, BBC Newsnight

Chrissie GILES with Madlen DAVIES, Rosa FURNEAUX, Ben STOCKTON, Ben DU PREEZ, Stretched, secret supply chains hold Covid-19 patients' lives in the balance, Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Benedikt HEUBL, UK climate change sceptics group is stronger than ever, E&T Magazine

Video Story of the Year

Noah BAKER with Davide CASTELVECCHI, Inside Japan's Big Physics| Part one: Super Kamiokande, Nature/YouTub

Melissa HOGENBOOM with Pierangelo PIRAK, The strange idea that we are not in control of our minds, BBC Global News

The Dr Katharine Giles Award for best popular article written by a scientist or engineer

Sheena CRUICKSHANK, Inflammation: the key factor that explains vulnerability to severe Covid, The Conversation

Jamie HARTMANN-BOYCE, Coronavirus and diabetes: the different risks for people with type 1 and type 2, The Conversation

Sir David SPIEGELHALTER, When politicians cite Covid-19 statistics, they may be wrong – it doesn't mean the numbers are, University of Cambridge

The 2022 Awards will open for submissions in December 2021. If you are not a member of ABSW, sign up for our newsletter for updates.

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