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Our colleagues at the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) have negotiated free access for all their member association's to Wiley Online Library.  This library hosts online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science and the humanities.

The WFSJ has issued the ABSW with a unique login and password for its members to use.

Don't forget that the ABSW has also negotiated access to Elsevier journals for its members too.

An appreciation by Mike Kenward

The loss of anyone in the science writing community is always sad, but the messages on Facebook and the ABSW’s emailing list show that Steve Connor’s death from cancer, at the age of just 61, seems to have hit home more than the passing anyone else I can remember. The outpouring of sadness and regret, accompanied by fond, and often amusing, reminiscences shows just how much we all thought of Steve and his work as the scoopmaster general of science journalism.

When asked to write an appreciation of Steve for the ABSW, I quickly concluded that no single account could do him justice. My own part in Steve’s career was essentially peripheral. I may have been his editor, but anyone who knew him would know that Steve had little time for titles and status. You were just a colleague he worked with, and came to when he needed support, and expenses, to pursue the latest scoop.

Steve winning British Science Journalist of the Year 2016, with Seema Kumar of Johnson & Johnson and European Science Writer of the Year 2016 Michele Catanzaro

Newsflash: Thank you to all those who completed the survey which is now closed to further entries

Four £50 John Lewis vouchers won by ABSW members who completed the survey - congrats!

The ABSW is reviewing the way it works and the benefits it provides to members. As part of this review, we want to hear your views, experiences, grievances, etc. You’ve got a chance to shape the future of this association and how it works, and, by extension, affect a big part of the UK science journalism community.

Report by Aisling Irwin - ABSW member and EUSJA grant recipient

Earlier this month, courtesy of an EUSJA grant, I zipped over to Berlin to attend the Falling Walls 2017 conference. Though it seems unheard of in Britain, it has prestige elsewhere. Scientific luminaries from around the world jet in to address an audience of high-calibre delegates (who have paid a high-calibre fee to hear them). Mindful of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, the speakers predict the next “wall that will fall” as a result of their spectacular progress in subjects ranging from Artificial Intelligence to diagnosis of disease.

Is your January diary a place of tumble weed and financial strife?

Fear not, every year the ABSW misses the deadline, and holds its Christmas Party in January.

Have a free drink and a some bar snacks on us and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the ABSW. (For those of you watching closely we have slightly missed the deadline here too as the ABSW was founded in 1947 but if they had a Christmas Party in 1947 and had it late, well, you get the picture!)

So the details are:

Thursday 11 January 18:30 til late

The Station Master's Office, The Parcel Yard, King's Cross Station


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