Hear from the people who know at this ABSW panel event, including:

Royal Society Book Prize Winner: Philip Ball

New York Times bestselling author and Royal Society Book Prize Shortlistee:  Jo Marchant

Editing and Publishing expert Robin Dennis, who has worked on four books longlisted for the Royal Society Prize, three shortlisted books, and one winner

18:30 for 19:00 February 22nd 2018
Location: The Francis Crick Institute
1 Midland Road
London NW1 1AT

Writing a book is a life goal for many science writers – but is just getting published enough? How do you go about writing a book that people actually want to read – and in doing so, pay you enough to cover your costs? What are the key steps in planning and deciding what to write about? How do you keep people interested? Should you find an agent? What should you expect in terms of advances and royalties from publishers? What about self-publishing? We’ll put all these questions and more to our panel to help you enhance your chances of being a future prize-winner – or at least earning the equivalent of minimum wage from your efforts. 

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