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What’s the role of science in informing social and personal choices in an era of ‘alternative facts’? Do emotions and worldviews have a place in our ability to decipher what we see as the truth?

The ABSW held a panel discussion around these issues on September 14th in the city of Hull, as part of this year’s British Science Festival.

It explored how science can respond to the ongoing crisis of ‘truth’ and better inform our lives.

Speaking to members of the public in a packed auditorium, the panel of experts touched on a range of issues around science and communication – including the value of different sources of knowledge, why we need to look beyond crafting messages to consider politics and interests, and how journalism can do better to empower people.

View the short clip below for a flavour of the conversation.

Panel members were:

Jane Gregory, director of the Postgraduate Certificate in Practical Science Communication at Cambridge University
Jack Stilgoe, senior lecturer of Science and Technology Studies at University College London
Erinma Ochu, lecturer in Science Communication and Future Media at the University of Salford

The event was moderated by Andy Extance, freelance science writer and ABSW board member.

Thanks to Anita Makri, ABSW Board member, for producing the event and this review.


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