ABSW has an incredible, talented, diverse membership and we want to show off the best writing from our members.

Each month we ask ABSW members to send us links to articles they’ve written that they are particularly proud of. The ABSW board chooses their favourite story for our monthly showcase. 

Bárbara Pinho is a freelance science journalist

Monthly showcase article: December 2023

Bárbara Pinho's article 'Is modern food lower in nutrients?' was published in Chemistry World and has been selected as December 2023's showcase.

Bárbara is a science communicator with experience working with scientists and magazines like Chemistry World and Discover Magazine. She specialises in science writing, social media management & consulting and is particularly interested in telling stories about technology, climate science & health.

Our judges said:

Barbara Pinho's story digs into controversial science around the decline of nutrients in food over the past hundred and more years, which was fascinating, bringing in data science, climate change, agricultural policy and more. 

Monthly showcase article: November 2023

Emily Farthing's article A surgeon, a physicist and a chemist walk into a bar has been selected as November 2023's showcase. The article was published in Cancer Research UK's Cancer News.

Emily Farthing is a freelance science writer, editor and communicator. She has nearly 10 years' experience supporting scientific, research and healthcare organisations to communicate the impact of their work to a diverse range of audiences. She has a PhD in Biological Sciences. 

Our judges said: 

A compelling piece of science writing, showcasing CRUK projects to detect cancers.

Monthly showcase article: October 2023

Layal Liverpool's article ‘Abortion tests’ developed in Poland spark concern has been selected as October 2023's showcase. The article was published in Nature.

Layal Liverpool is a science journalist reporting for Nature from Berlin. She covers developments in scientific research and policy, with a focus on inequalities in science, medicine and health. Her first book Systemic: How Racism is Making Us Ill, publishes in June.

Our judges said: 

A deeply-researched piece that explains the science but also the politics behind the worry around developing tests that could be used to prosecute women that seek to terminate their pregnancy in a way that is illegal in that country.

Monthly showcase article: September 2023

Bárbara Pinho's article Fighting algal blooms with chemistry, was published in Chemistry World and has been selected as September 2023's showcase. 

Bárbara is a freelance science journalist with experience working with scientists and magazines like Chemistry World and Discover Magazine. She also offers services in science writing, social media management and consulting and is particularly interested in telling stories about agriculture, climate science and health.

Our judges said: 

A fascinating insight into these phenomena, and a great narrative from different scientists looking to understand them better. Great images too.

Monthly showcase article: August 2023

Hilary Guite's podcast 'In Conversation: Can "biological race" explain disparities in health?', was aired by Medical News Today, and has been selected as August 2023's showcase. 

Hilary Guite is a medically qualified doctor who has worked for 35 years in the NHS focussing on improving population level health care outcomes and research into long term conditions such as mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. 

Five years ago she gained a distinction in the Masters in Science Communication Course at Imperial College London and now has a second career as a science communicator, mainly focusing on podcasts. She is the presenter and producer of Healthline’s Medical News Today: In Conversation podcast, which explores health topics with experts and lived experience side by side. She is producer for GV: Theory and Practice - the latest series explored what it means to be human in the age of human-like AI. She regularly fact-checks articles for Medical News Today and has written for Medical News Today, The Observer, and BBC Science Focus.

Our judges said: 

We love this podcast - such a strong group of women, the podcast format is a great way to tell this story, and the focus on health is wonderful!

Monthly showcase article: August 2023

Martin Angler's article 'When grief doesn't end' was published in Aeon, and has been selected as August 2023's showcase. 

Martin W. Angler is a freelance science journalist with a background in technology and environmental journalism. His work has appeared on the BBC, in Scientific American and in major German and Swiss newspapers such as Neue Zürcher Zeitung, ZEIT Online, SPIEGEL Online, Motherboard Germany, P.M. Magazin and Bild der Wissenschaft. He was also a regular contributor to two radio programmes on technology on the Italian public broadcaster RAI, and to leading interdisciplinary science projects at the European Academy of Bolzano.

Our judges said: 

The grief story was excellent, so personal, written beautifully with such strong narrative, but also really deeply researched and full of detail and explanation.

Monthly showcase article: July 2023

Andy Extance's article 'Chemist who survived thallium poisoning speaks out' has been selected as July 2023's showcase. The article was published in Chemical and Engineering News on 16 July 2023.

Andy has been a freelance science writer since 2003, working for employers such as Chemistry World and BBC Future. He was news editor for Compound Semiconductor magazine from 2006-2009. He is also a director of Exeter Community Energy, director of Exeter Empirical and Editor-in-chief of ScienceSeeker, as well as the ABSW's Chair.

Our judges said: 

This piece is extraordinary! It is a spectacular piece of stamina and investigative reporting.

Monthly showcase article: May 2023

Kira Coley's article 'A green hero' was published in Oceanographic, and has been selected as ABSW's May showcase of writing by our talented members.

Kira is a freelance writer, editor and strategic communications consultant, specialising in ocean science and technology. Kira helps the ocean sector "enhance its narratives, translate complex topics, and amplify reach to global audiences".

Our judges said: 

This is a compelling story alongside beautiful images about saving the Mediterranean. All should read this!

Monthly showcase article: April 2023

Ruairi Mackenzie's article: “A Second Chance at Life”: Can Gene Therapies Beat Rare Disease? has been selected as April 2023's showcase. The article was published in Technology Networks on 1 April.

Ruairi started with Technology Networks in January 2018 after completing an undergraduate degree in neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh and a master’s degree in clinical neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. As senior science writer, Ruairi covers a range of scientific news and articles, with a focus on the complexities and curiosities of the brain. Ruairi also looks after search engine optimization (SEO) efforts on Technology Networks and created the site’s podcast, Opinionated Science, in 2020.

Our judges said: 

Interweaving deeply moving personal stories from patients with complex regulatory and genetic information led to a compelling, moving and really interesting feature.

Monthly showcase article: March 2023

Jane Feinmann's article Cholera makes a comeback amid calls to boost vaccine production has been selected as March 2023's showcase. The article was published in the BMJ on 29 March 2023.

Jane Feinmann is a freelance writer contributing regularly to the BMJ.

Our judges said: 

This is a thorough deep dive into a timely and overlooked story that could have far-reaching consequences.

Monthly showcase article: February 2023

ABSW Member Melissa Hobson's article 'Extremely rare phantom jellyfish caught on camera' has been selected as February 2023's showcase. The article was published in the National Geographic on 10 February.

Melissa Hobson writes about the ocean. She's a writer and PR consultant specialising in marine science, conservation and sustainability. As well as writing for a range of publications about marine biology and conservation, Melissa also helps charities and for-purpose organisations big and small with messaging projects, articles, blogs, press releases, annual reports, white papers and more. She's also been a certified scuba diver for 13+ years and has logged about 250 dives in destinations around the world - which is the main reason she adores the ocean and is passionate about protecting it. 

Our judges said: 

It's an amazing and fascinating story about this weird mysterious creature.

Monthly showcase article: January 2023

ABSW Member Rosa Furneaux's article, written with Laura Margottini, 'The drug was meant to save children’s lives. Instead, they’re dying' has been selected as January 2023's showcase. The article was published in the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and STAT News on 25 January.

Rosa Furneaux is an investigative reporter and photojournalist. She reports on global health at the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, with particular focus on access to healthcare. Among other honours, she received the Amnesty International Gaby Rado Award for New Journalist for her coverage of Covid-19 vaccine inequity.

Our judges said: 

It was a thoroughly reported piece on a shocking subject of substandard cancer drugs being used to treat children with leukemia. So many twists and turns to unpick, and bravely reported.
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