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ABSW Awards winners 2013 announced

ABSW Science Writers’ Awards for Britain and Ireland 2013, sponsored by Janssen Research and Development, Winners/Runners up

Judges award for news

Joint winners

Geoff Brumfiel. Fukushima’s doses tallied. Nature. 23/5/12


Ian Sample. Higgs boson: it's unofficial! Cern scientists discover missing particle. Guardian. 4/7/12

Runners up

Declan Butler.Flu surveillance lacking. Nature. 28/3/12

Nick Collins.Carpark skeleton will be confirmed as Richard III. Telegraph. 15/12/12

Best feature


Kerri Smith. The ground breaker. Nature. 6/9/12

Runners up

Catherine de Lange. My two minds. New Scientist. 5/5/12

Leigh Phillips. Armed Resistance. Nature. 30/8/12

Best scripted/edited television programme or online video


Panorama: The mind reader, unlocking my voice. BBC 1. 13/11/12

Team entry:Eleanor Plowden (assistant producer), Alison Priestley (producer), Frank Simmonds (deputy editor, Panorama), Fergus Walsh (reporter)

Runners up

The Enemy within: 50 years of fighting cancer. Available on Vimeo. 4/12/12

Team entry: Vivienne Parry (writer and presenter), Richard Critchlow (Dependable Productions, producer), Kat Arney (research)

Voyager: To the final frontier. A BBC Scotland production for BBC 4. 24/10/13

Team entry: Mark Hedgecoe (executive producer), Yvonne Innes (production co-ordinator), Chris Riley (producer/director), Gary Scott (editor)

The Royal Society Radio Prize - A prize for the best scripted/edited radio programme or podcast


Digital Human. A BBC Scotland production for BBC Radio 4. 30/4/12

Team entry:Kate Bissell (producer), Dr Aleks Krotoski (presenter), Victoria McArthur (producer), Peter McManus (producer)

Runners up

Dear Professor Hawking. A Sweet Talk Productions Programme for BBC Radio 4. 2/1/12

Team entry: Julian Mayers (producer), Peter Nichols (director), Nick Romero (sound designer)

Transit of Venus: Frontiers. BBC Radio 4. 30/5/12

Individual entry: Marek Kukula

Best investigative journalism


Anil Ananthaswamy. Do no harm. 14/11/12

NB:  Due to the standard of entries in 2013 the judges decided not to produce a shortlist but just to award a winner there are therefore no runners up

Richard Gregory award for best newcomer


Adam Smith

Runners up

Will Douglas Heaven

Penny Sarchet

The NUJ Stephen White award for best communication of science in a non science context


Frank Close. Sun Block. Prospect Magazine.13/12/12

Runners Up

GM’s New Generation: A Countryfile Investigation. BBC 1 TV.  15/7/13

Team entry: Dom Carveley (director), Matthew Gull (producer), Tom Heap (presenter), Helen Shields (researcher)

Michelle Martin. Earworms. BBC Radio 4. 22/10/12

Lifetime achievement in science journalism


Dick Ahlstrom, Science Editor, The Irish Times


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