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The Committee

The Association of British Science Writers is run by an annually elected committee on behalf of its members.  The ABSW also has an appointed Honorary President, however this post is currently vacant due to the resignation in October 2015 of  Professor Colin Blakemore. Professor of Neuroscience and Philosophy in the School of Advanced Study, University of London and Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, who was reappointed for a further 3 years at the 2014 AGM. 

  Name Area(s) of responsibility or expertise Day Job
  Martin Ince President (First elected 2014 AGM can only remain in post for 3 consecutive years, Re-elected 2015 AGM)  Freelance
  Victoria Parsons  Treasurer (Elected 2015 AGM) Reporter - Bureau of Investigative Journalism
  Connie St Louis European Representative (Re-elected 2015 AGM) Director of City's Science Journalism MA, 
  Mico Tatalovic  Vice-President (Elected 2015 AGM) Environment news editor - New Scientist
  Rebecca Hill  Events (Re-elected 2015 AGM) News Editor - Research Fortnight
  Katharine Sanderson Re-elected at 2015 AGM Assistant News Editor - Nature

Barbara Melville

(Co-opted as Student Member)

Co-opted after 2015 AGM Freelance writer and educator
  Wendy Grossman Re-elected at 2015 AGM  Freelance

Bob Ward

(Co-optd as Associate Member)

Co-opted after 2015 AGM Policy and Communications Director, Grantham Institute LSE
  Max Bingham  Website Manager (non-committee member)  Freelance 
  Joshua Howgego Elected at 2015 AGM  Features Editor - New Scientist
  Jack Serle Co-opted after the 2015 AGM (to fill vacant post) Reporter - Bureau of Investigative Journalism
  Sallie Robins Committee Executive Secretary (non-committee member) Freelance


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